Hot Spot Check Up: Desk in 28 min. | Week 2

OK! I’m feeling good about things this week. I started to deal with that box of hidden paper clutter. The whole box was just too overwhelming and I knew I didn’t have time to do it all, so I set my handy-dandy timer (I use the one on my oven) for 10 minutes and I went to work.



I decided to just make some quick piles and not bother with boxes/bags/containers. Part-way through, I made those labels for the piles using envelopes from the recycle pile, to help me keep on track.

My piles included:

  • To File
  • Recycling
  • Mr. RSS (That’s anything for my husband to deal with)
  • Take Action

Next I dealt with each pile instead of leaving them there for days to get all mixed up again by a certain toddler. Why didn’t I think of this idea before?? (I forgot to set the timer for this part, but I’m estimating it only took me 5 min.)

  • Recycle – into a recycle bag. Easy!
  • To File – The pile was so small and not so overwhelming, so I actually filed everything right then and there. I’m not even kidding. Crazy.
  • Mr. RSS – I put his pile on his desk for him. I’m sure he’ll be thrilled!
  • To Take Action – Well, I moved that little pile to the desk, right next to the computer. Not much action on it yet.  

But, wait! There’s more!

Desk Before:

I set the timer for 10 min. to work on the desk. After that, I really wanted just a little more time, so I did 2 more minutes and then 1 more for the finishing touches. So, that’s 13 min.

Desk After:

What I am learning:

  • Small chunks of time seem to work well for me.
  • The timer helps me stay on task, work quickly, and have the end in sight.
  • It was good for me not to set up boxes to sort papers because:
    • That takes time, or I need to find my old boxes which are….somewhere….maybe in my room?
    • I feel the need to keep the boxes to use again, or wait until they are full. Then I have boxes sitting around somewhere. Not good for me.
    • In the case of a quick sort, the papers are not getting out of hand, and It helps me to deal with them more quickly.

How is your desk doing today?

I’m linking up with Works for Me Wednesday over at We are THAT Family.










9 Comments on “Hot Spot Check Up: Desk in 28 min. | Week 2”

  1. Abigail says:

    I still have a pile of ‘take action’ papers hidden in a cabinet drawer. A new pile has already started to form. I’m motivated to get rid of the little pile quick before it gets as big as the hidden one!

    I love the timer thing. It is amazing how much really can be accomplished in short chunks of time. I might start using it for exercising too.

  2. Go get that little pile! They grow quickly, don’t they?! One of these days I’ll start attacking the really old hidden paper clutter!

    • Abigail says:

      I’ll bet most of it will be recyclable now! Kinda like a refrigerator clean out. If something stays out of sight long enough you get to just toss it instead of figuring out how to make something with it.

  3. Kimberly says:

    You don’t want to see my desk right now…. very scarey!
    And, I am up waaayyy too late!

  4. Messy Wife says:

    You named your blog really well, you have some real work done. Every. Single. Time!

    And I really like what you said about boxes. That’s why I have so many hiding in different rooms of our place.

    Looking forward to next week’s pictures.

  5. Sarah Godwin says:

    Yay for you! Great job on the paper clutter progress and the desk! I love my timer, too. It helps me focus and stay on task. It also helps me not to short-change my kids. If I promise 15 minutes of reading, the timer keeps me there the whole time instead of getting up to switch out my laundry or something. Unfortunately, our desk area has been a bit neglected lately and needs work. There is always so much to do and so many small people who need my attention! On a good note, I have been working on our homeschool area and getting it a bit more organized. Your updates are really encouraging and motivating for me. Thanks!

  6. […] set the timer for 10 min. and went to work, with the same basic process that I used last week. I was moving a little slower today, so after 10 min. was done, I wanted to make more progress, so […]

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