Hot Spot Check Up: Desk! | Week 1

I’ve been checking in on a clutter hot spot each week. I take a picture of that spot and post it for all to see. I just spent 7 weeks on the kitchen island, and now I’m moving on to the desk (AKA The Desk of Paper Clutter Madness).

Tuesday night, I started instinctively clearing the island to get ready for my hot spot post. When I remembered that I was moving on to a new spot, I almost stopped….but I decided to keep working at it even though I wasn’t taking a picture of the island. Yay!

About 6-7 months ago, I did a major desk declutter/clean up/organize session, and the results were great. Some of it has stayed under control, some of it hasn’t.

Paper clutter is one of my biggest clutter struggles, and of course my desk loves to collect papers.

Here’s a picture of how it looked about a week ago:

But you might remember that last week I was hosting a playdate, so I was doing some major cleaning up. Our desk sits right between our kitchen and our living room, so it is very visible. I worked on cleaning it up, but in the end I did not have time to deal with all of the paper clutter, so I put it all in a box and hid it in the basement. Hey, at least it fit in just 1 box, right?

Here’s how it looked after the clean up/declutter/clutterhide:

And now, here’s this week’s picture:

Most of the clutter that was added there this week is actually because the kids were using the desk as their “teacher desk.”

I am planning to go through that paper clutter box. In fact, it is now sitting next to the desk. Feel free to ask me about it if I don’t report back with an empty box.

I hope you’ll join me as I figure out what works and what doesn’t with the desk and the paper clutter!

Other Updates:

  • I’m thinking about a post about the pros and cons of hiding clutter, since I’m becoming an expert on that, it seems.
  • I’m excited to show you some before/after pictures from the playdate clean up sometime soon.

I’m linking up with OrgJunkie’s 52 Weeks of Organizing.


8 Comments on “Hot Spot Check Up: Desk! | Week 1”

  1. Oh, I’m glad to hear that you aren’t neglecting your island. Maybe you can do a periodic check-in on that hot spot. 🙂

    I will be sure to bug you about your paper clutter box.

  2. Sarah Godwin says:

    Hurray for you cleaning up the island, even though you weren’t taking a picture! Good job on the desk. Paper clutter and the desk area are big issues for us, as well. We have tried a variety of things, but w/ only partial success. I’m excited to follow your progress and make some of my own, as well.

  3. WilliamB says:

    I thought the point of hot-spotting was to help you learn to keep a space uncluttered? If so, then you absolutely have to keep up with the island.

    My desk is my failure spot. Without question and repeatedly. So you have my thorough sympathy.

    • Don’t worry! I fully intend to keep up with the island! I’m sure I will revisit it in picture form as well at some point. The picture post sure is motivating for me!

      Thanks for your sympathy on the desk issues. Blech. But I’m looking forward to figuring it out!

      • WilliamB says:

        Let me know when you do, and what you do. This one defeats me repeatedly. It can be quite discouraging. I swear that stuff has an orgy when my back is turned, then spawns litters of new papers, just to get back at me for neglecting it.

  4. Messy Wife says:

    I think I have said it before, my desk is my frog and my elephant well before I was even married. It certainly did not help to have kids in the house!

    Right now, I am working on dealing with paper as they come in as soon as possible and making it a habit. It is nothing new but I used to keep telling myself I could deal with it later. Only now I realized that, as long as I continue to slip, the paper mountain will come back to me in no time.

    Your posts showing how much work you continue to accomplish have also been my inspiration.

  5. Love the ideas of the hot spots. Its so hard to just narrow in on one area. I spend time on one area and then see the other areas slide. It feels so good when it is under control though. I hear you on hiding stuff. Sometimes it feels like stuff just rotates through various rooms in my house and never gets dealt with.

  6. Abigail says:

    My struggle is with ‘unresolved’ papers that can’t get filed until the form is filled out or the event is past. I tend to need to see the papers out as a reminder. Otherwise I just forget to fill out the form or forget about the event altogether!

    But too many ‘reminders’ ends up being one giant pile of things and I end up forgetting to do them anyway!

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