Hot Spot Check Up 7: Kitchen Island | Ready to move on?

OK, just for fun, I’m going to use last week’s ‘after’ picture as this week’s ‘before’ picture.

Last week’s ‘after’ picture:

Today’s picture:

Some of the changes are subtle, but I’m pretty happy with how things are going. I’m thinking about checking in on a different clutter hot spot next week.

Maybe The Desk of Paper Clutter Madness?

That could be fun. 

Or productive, anyway.

Other Updates:

  • Still working on getting the house ready for a playdate! I’m making progress…and I’m taking pictures!

14 Comments on “Hot Spot Check Up 7: Kitchen Island | Ready to move on?”

  1. Kathlynn says:

    Wow! It’s looking great!! I have to admit that I’m enjoying checking out the progress in the background, too. Very impressive.

  2. Messy Wife says:

    That’s so great! So, is the timer your secret weapon again for this week? Or, do you have other tips to share? And yes, desk would be great, I need some motivation in that area!

    • Deadline instead of timer this week, I said more about it below (I’m kind of responding to comments backwards today!). We can work on our desks together – just on opposite sides of the country. 🙂

  3. Abigail says:

    It’s amazing! Way to keep it going!

  4. Barbara says:

    Yay! Do tell, is the timer working for you? I wish I could post a pic of my kitchen island counter, it’s shameful. I just need to suck it up, set the timer, and tackle the clutter. Your photos are inspiring! Thanks!

    • In this case, I didn’t actually set a timer, but I gave myself a deadline. The deadline felt real because I had to leave the house to pick up 2 of my kids from school and I wanted to take the picture while I still had good light.

      I would love it if you wanted to send me an email with a picture of your kitchen island counter! It would be fun for me to see!

  5. mairsydoats says:

    You ROCK! It’s the top of the dishwasher that’s impressing me!! I’m closing a theater production this weekend, and will immediately thereafter be turning my attention back to the clutter hotspots in my house… You’re quite inspirational!!

    I suck at multitasking.

  6. Karen says:

    i loooove your kitchen, it’s about twice the size of mine…i covet those high cupboards you have!

    i have such a small kitchen that i have to have everything put away or it looks really cluttered…if i can make a suggestion to you; i used to have my seasonings on top of my stove like you do, but then i thought, how much time does it take to get them out of a cupboard when i need them and have them away where you can’t see them the rest of the time.

    sooo, i reckon just putting those little jars away will clear out a whole section of your kitchen and make that area look a little lighter! (good job with your island though!).

    keep up the blog, i love reading it!

    • What you can’t see in these pictures is that there is a small counter to the left that is *full* of spices, plus two shelves in a cabinet. Oh dear. I think I should do a post just for decluttering and organizing seasonings!

      Thanks for the encouragement to keep blogging, too. It means a lot. 🙂

  7. Theresa says:

    Progress, progress! I like the reduction of the background clutter. I am clutter-phobic and when there is too much visual clutter, I get rattled and can’t think. As I explain myself to my family,’When the outside is cluttered, my insides are cluttered too.” Great job!!

  8. Cindy says:

    You’re an inspiration…All of your kitchen is amazing. Your work is paying off. I’m impressed with the island, of course, but even the background is much less cluttered! Way to go!

    Enjoy your blog!

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