Menu Plan for the week of 8/21 – 8/27


Hearty Lentil Soup

 How last week’s menu went:

I switched things around just a little last week and ended up having another leftover night instead of the grilled chicken. I ended up using Lauren’s recipe for stuffed shells and it was well-loved by all. It was a yummy week. Oh and by the way that Quiche recipe was really good, too. And I used just one package of bacon and split it between the two quiches and the yummy Hearty Lentil Soup (I add celery, add chopped spinach instead of parsley, and only use 1/2 tsp of the balsamic vinegar). I am a bacon lover and I thought it was plenty.

Quiche with spinach and bacon

Favorite meal from last week:

Tough choice, but I’m going to go with the Pesto Pasta because it’s simple with fresh ingredients and we all love it. I have made this pesto enough now that I don’t measure. I just throw it in and taste test to adjust ingredients as needed. I learned to make pesto from a friend who has a large garden and at the end of the season has a “Pesto Party” where she supplies the basil and you bring the rest of the ingredients. Totally fun to hang out while the  kids play and moms make pesto to bring home!

Today’s motivation for menu planning:

We eat healthier with more variety when I plan ahead for the week!

This Week’s Menu Plan


  • Leftover Night (including some leftovers that were shared with us from the potluck meal at church)


  • Easy Chicken Enchiladas (I add enchilada sauce on top before the cheese, and sliced black olives, too.) topped with lettuce, fresh tomatoes, and sour cream
  • Chips and salsa





  • Hamburgers
  • Sweet potato fries
  • fruit

Saturday (Picnic!)

  • Hebrew National Hot Dogs
  • raw veggies
  • Sun Chips
  • watermelon

Other Updates:

  • I still need to do a big refrigerator clean-out.
  • I still need to finish going through the kids’ clothes.
  • We’ve been doing a good job keeping the living room and kitchen picked up!
  • I’m getting rid of 2 pairs of jeans that are too big!

I’m linking up with OrgJunkie’s Menu Plan Monday.


3 Comments on “Menu Plan for the week of 8/21 – 8/27”

  1. Kimberly says:

    Those stuffed shells look divine! We may have to try those soon!!
    Yay- for getting rid of jeans that are too big!

  2. carla says:

    Your soup looks so delicious! Mmmmmm…

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