Man on a Mission, Woman on a Journey

On Saturday, Mr. RSS was on a decluttering mission. Watch out. Don’t get in the way. The man gets focused and stuff is going out of the house!

He was moving so fast that I couldn’t get all the before and after pictures, but here are a couple of pictures of clutter loaded in the car, ready to go!!

BIG artificial Christmas tree, baby gear

Printer, TV, TV stand

It’s so interesting how different we are in how we declutter. We have the same goals, but the process is different.

Mr. RSS’s typical decluttering process:
  • Pick an area, or just pick stuff up that is sitting around the house (usually larger items)
  • Make quick decisions, move quickly, sort quickly(if required),
  • Get the stuff out of the house ASAP

He’s really about action, focus, impact. The end result is always great, but it can be a little crazy when he’s in his focused mode of decluttering! He doesn’t declutter as often as I do (of course he’s at work most days), but he does get a lot done in a short period of time. Sometimes he is tossing with such abandon that important things can get accidentally tossed, and I need to watch him closely to be sure he doesn’t toss one of the kids!

My typical decluttering process: 

  • Pick an area
  • Sort things
  • Decide what needs to go, pausing to think about each item
  • Organize and clean up
  • Put the clutter leaving the house in a bag/box/pile and place it somewhere waiting to leave the house
  • Take the clutter to the car and deliver

It’s not usually a fast process. I’m thoughtful about it. Too thoughtful, I think. I debate with myself. I get distracted. Sometimes I can complete a project in a day, but this process often takes days or months because I stop working on one project to start another one, or I just need to deal with daily tasks and responsibilities. But when the project is finally done, it looks great!

Since Mr. RSS moved the extra TV and stand out, I was inspired to get the basement family room/playroom back together. So check this out:

We started on the project about 5 min before this picture was taken. I brought the toy organizer down from the kitchen and dumped all of the (unorganized) toys/junk from the bins into the white laundry basket. We used baby wipes to clean the bins.

I got them started, then left them to work on the sorting/putting away and told them to get me when they were ready for me to inspect.

When I came down to inspect, they had made great progress. I helped them with finishing up.

There were a few things we just weren’t going to get done that day, and that was OK with me, because we were making progress. We did not get under the furniture. We did not get to this pile that was originally a decluttering pile of black trash bags, but that has changed over time and it now needs a project of its own.

Some things were added to that declutter pile, and here’s the trash:

And now the finished project!:

I know Mr. RSS and I are both learning a lot in this process, and I think we can really learn from each other. We balance each other in many ways, and I think we are on our way to being a great decluttering team!

What does your decluttering process look like? Is it different than others in your home?

I’m linking up with OrgJunkie’s 52 Weeks of organizing. Check it out for simplifying inspiration!


10 Comments on “Man on a Mission, Woman on a Journey”

  1. Carol says:

    Love that your kids are pitching in keeping things organized. My hubby organizes the same way yours does. Maybe its a man thing. Happy Organizing!

  2. Kimberly says:

    WTG, MR. and MRS. RSS!
    Your basement looks great!
    And, regarding hubbies… God puts us with our mates on purpose! They are supposed to be His gift to us! (That’s what I learned at the Marriage conference tonight!) 😉

  3. katjaknits says:

    Wow – that last picture shows enormous results. I bet the kids love to play in such a clutterfree area!

    • Thanks! It’s so true! They have been playing down there so much since we cleaned it up! It’s amazing that despite how much they love messing up a room, they really love playing in a clean room! That reminds me that we need to make sure it gets picked up today. 🙂

  4. Megan says:

    That has got to feel great to get all that out. Someone is coming to take away our broken piano tomorrow and I am giddy about the space I’m going to get back.

  5. allysgrandma says:

    How funny. My husband is the same way. He threw away a chair that he has not used out in the garage “shop” area for over 23 years. I joked he should give it to his mother. Then I called my brother-in-law who lives and takes care of my inlaws to tell him he could thank me. Hahaha. He said don’t bring another thing over to this house! Sometimes I have to admit in my family the men are superior get rid of thingers!

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