Project: Simplify: Clutter (well, some of it) is OUT of the house!

This past week was the last week of Simple Mom’s Project: Simplify, and I was working on getting things OUT of the house and some paper sorting.

Here’s a before picture of the clothes and toys:

And now:

Don't worry. I didn't declutter Gabe. He was just sleeping during this photo. 🙂

Most of it was sent off to Goodwill, but I decided to try to sell these fun shoes. I checked on eBay and they seem to sell really well there (even used). I have been saying that I want to try selling stuff on eBay for a long time, though, so let’s say if I don’t have them posted by the end of April, I should just donate them.

I should add that even before the above before picture, I took about 10 items to my favorite consignment shop to try that out. I’ve only ever bought things there before, so I thought it would be fun to try selling.

I didn’t get as much done on the paper sorting. Here’s the before picture:

I finished about half of one basket:

Here’s one of the things I did instead of sorting papers:

Happy Birthday, Gabe!

My goal for the rest of this week: More paper sorting!!!!! Yay!!!!! (I’m trying to feel the excitement.)

If you would like to see more decluttering from this last week, check out Simple Mom’s Project: Simplify week 5 Results.


11 Comments on “Project: Simplify: Clutter (well, some of it) is OUT of the house!”

  1. Kimberly says:

    LOL! I’m glad you didn’t donate Gabe!
    The cake looks great! WOW~!

  2. Messy Wife says:

    As always, your post is fun to read and you’ve shown quite some hard work! Amazing birthday cake too.

    Have fun with paper sorting. Don’t know if you read Inspired to Action, in case paper sorting isn’t as fun as you anticipated ;P here is a post that may be helpful:

    As for me, I couldn’t decide what to do next, so many trouble spot, so many ideas… Life is easier when Simplemom decide for me.

  3. I noticed that your kitchen table looked really clean in the birthday cake picture! 🙂

    And good job on getting some stuff OUT of your house. Yay you!

  4. Sarah Godwin says:

    Hurray for all your progress! Doesn’t it feel good? The cake was definitely a worthwhile venture. Very cool! I didn’t de-clutter last week at all. I hardly kept up w/ anything, but I did spend all day Friday making a Toy Story b-day cake for Amos. Was it worth it? Absolutely! The kids loved it and ultimately a fun b-day cake is more memorable than a clean house! This week I’m trying to catch up on basic cleaning and a bit of de-cluttering, though it is slow going. As Flylday says, “Progress, not perfection.”

  5. Kathee says:

    cute! love the cakes!!

  6. Abigail says:

    Way to tie up those loose ends! Have you posted the shoes yet?

  7. How the paper sorting going?? 🙂 Ruthlessly recycle, girl!

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