Project: Simplify: Food, Food, Food

It’s week 4 of Project: Simplify over at Tsh’s blog, Simple Mom, and this week we will be working in the kitchen with a focus on the refrigerator and pantry. I think I am the most excited about this one! This is something that really needs to be done around here! We are waaaay overdue (you’ll see…).

The Refrigerator


 Just so you know, that brownish stuff is chocolate milk that spilled…oh a few months ago.

And the freezer side:

The Pantry (various cabinets in the kitchen plus a stairwell)

Why yes, as a matter of fact I do like tea.

And every once in a while (ha ha) pantry items end up on the counters, like this:

and this:

It really seems like I should be done with these pictures now, but I’m not!

Here’s the bread drawer:

And don’t forget the stairwell!

Tsh is also challenging us to make healthier choices as we feed our families. This has been a goal of mine that I have been slowly working toward for the past year or so. I have to say that I don’t think my pictures reflect that goal as much as I thought they would.

Some of that might be unhealthy stuff that’s just been sitting there unused for a long time and I just haven’t gotten rid of it. I’m excited to see how it all looks at the end of the week!!


10 Comments on “Project: Simplify: Food, Food, Food”

  1. Farm Girl says:

    This reminds me of the song, “Food, Glorious Food” I looking forward to seeing the transformation!

  2. I’m so with you on trying to make the better food decisions. I was really good about doing organic/natural and I thought I was doing better until I looked at the photos of my pantry. I’m embarrassed by the sheer volume of Hamburger Helper, Rice-a-Roni, Pop Tarts and soda in my pantry right now! 🙂

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  4. Abigail says:

    I’m enjoying seeing the baby in all of the open fridge pictures. There was no way she was going to miss that opportunity!

  5. WilliamB says:

    A hint: use boxes, not bags.

    I find it much easier to keep organized with boxes rather than bags. Bags slump on top of each other, slither away, rearrange themselves, and hide their labels. Boxes stack well, stay stacked, and stay put so you can see the labels.

    Here are WilliamB’s hints about efficient use of boxes:
    – Use clear not opaque.
    – Rectilinear is more efficient than circular or oval.
    – Sides should be vertical rather than slanted, and lids should not stick out.
    – Label, label, label. (Important everywhere, but particularly the freezer.) Arrange so you can see the label.

    I actually went and *bought* containers so my kitchen would stay organized. I use the same ones in the fridge, freezer, and cabinets. I prefer to have many of just a few sizes: more efficient use of space, fewer lids to mess up, easier to interchange. I use TellFresh, bought at the Container Store. I also use erasable labels, again from the Container Store; affix one per box, reuse many times, dishwasher & freezer safe, can’t be erased by accident or a child.

    I frequently move food from the bag it came in, into a container. In fact I took 2 lbs of beans to the Container Store, and put them into the various containers I was considering, just to be sure I’d get one that was the right size.

    A non-box hint: take a long, slow walk through the Container Store (maybe leave your wallet in the car, though). See how they organize, store, use boxes and spaces, take their catalogs home. They have great ideas and great people who are helpful and pleasant. Show them photos, ask them questions, take notes. They won’t care if you don’t buy. When I took the beans in, it was an employee who encouraged me to open the beans and pour them in, instead of trying to jam the intact bagful as I had been doing.

    (I have no association with the Container Store, except as a happy customer of many years’ standing.)

  6. robbiekay says:

    I love your light yellow walls.

  7. My God .. it’s like looking into my kitchen .. a kindred spirit .. I’m excited for you and perhaps, you can inspire me to do what you’re doing ..

  8. Athais says:

    Oh, my. I just opened up my refrigerator and it reflected back your’s!!!

    I was looking for something to eat last night. So I looked into my cupboards and that was when I realized that I have crap all over the place. I could feed an army. So I have decided that I cannot buy anything except eggs, bread, and milk for the next two weeks until I get this overabundance of food in hand. It really is ridiculous.

    Thanks for sharing. Bookmarked to follow.

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