Lost Keys

I really wanted to take that junk out of there just for the picture, but my goal is to be real!

Ok! So I lost my keys today! This is an example of how being disorganized and rushed caused unnecessary stress and wasted time.

The sad thing is that I used to have this problem all the time, but I have gotten sooooo much better. Except for today.

We have these handy-dandy hooks right by the front door, and my hook is the very first one. This is a very good thing in our house. I think any organizational system needs to be easy to use. For people like me, where organization doesn’t come easily, it needs to be very easy. This hook right by the door is very easy. And I love it!

We actually added some more hooks on the other side of the door, that I will showcase another time. Hooks are easy. I might need to think of more places where hooks could be useful.

But if I start to envision hooks all over my house, then that could look a little cluttered. It sort of makes me think of TGIFriday’s for some reason. Anyway…

I lost my keys when I was rushing in the door carrying 2 gallons of milk. I put the milk away (Yay!), quickly wrapped birthday presents for a party that was about to start(not good time management, I know), and grabbed Gabe to run out the door to the party. No keys. After searching around making us late, I still couldn’t find them.

I just had them 10 minutes ago!

Well, I ended up grabbing the extra key from Mr. ReadySetSimplify’s(His new name for himself) keys. This was before lunch. I was sure they would just “show up.” But no.

I finally found them at about 10 pm, after more searching. They were by the diaper bag, and my Bible, and a random paper plate craft, and a kid chair that isn’t supposed to live there.

I’m so glad I found them, and hopefully I will be re-inspired to use the key hook all the time!


6 Comments on “Lost Keys”

  1. You should call him Mr. RSS. =P Typing out Mr. The Frugal Girl was too much work for me after a while, so that’s how he got shortened to Mr. FG. lol

    A consistent home for keys is awesome. We had a hook at our first apartment, and since then we’ve have a key bowl.

    I also have an extra car key in an inside zippered compartment of my purse, which could come in handy if I lock myself out of the car (assuming my purse isn’t in the locked car. Hee.).

  2. Abigail says:

    I’ve been known to lose my keys at the worst possible moment! I have three standard locations: diaper bag, coat pocket, kitchen counter by the computer. When those three options fail to produce keys I know I’m in trouble.

    When all else fails I have a back up set in a dresser drawer.

    It does make more sense to have a single location.

  3. Breanne says:

    I love this blog. I have lost 2 sets of keys in the last three months. I swear my son is hiding them from me (he is almost 2)! Keep up the awesome writing!

  4. Love your wedding photo! =)

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