I take no credit for this

Nice! Just don't look at the rest of the room ūüôā

Pretty good, eh? Mr. RSS(ReadySetSimplify Рthat would be my hubba hubby) did this! We sort of have this rule, or at least we used to, that the last person up makes the bed. Neither one of us have followed our rule very well, but sometimes we surprise each other with this nice treat.

Ok, he might surprise me more than I surprise him. If we do keep this rule, it works out well for me because these days I’m usually the first one up. ūüôā

By the way, I have some posts brewing on priorities and um, making¬†a plan to do this simplification thing. I do need some kind of plan, don’t I? Besides starting a blog? LOL


Lost Keys

I really wanted to take that junk out of there just for the picture, but my goal is to be real!

Ok! So I lost my keys today! This is an example of how being disorganized and rushed caused unnecessary stress and wasted time.

The sad thing is that I used to have this problem all the time, but I have gotten sooooo much better. Except for today.

We have these handy-dandy hooks right by the front door, and my hook is the very first one. This is a very good thing in our house. I think any organizational system needs to be easy to use. For people like me, where¬†organization doesn’t come easily, it needs to be very easy. This hook right by the door is very easy. And I love it!

We actually added some more hooks on the other side of the door, that I will showcase another time. Hooks are easy. I might need to think of more places where hooks could be useful.

But if I start to¬†envision¬†hooks all over my house, then that could look a little cluttered. It sort of makes me think of TGIFriday’s for some reason. Anyway…

I lost my keys when I was rushing in the door carrying 2 gallons of milk. I put the milk away (Yay!), quickly wrapped birthday presents for a party that was about to start(not good time management, I know), and grabbed Gabe to run out the door to the party. No keys. After searching around making us late, I still couldn’t find them.

I just had them 10 minutes ago!

Well, I ended up grabbing the extra key from¬†Mr. ReadySetSimplify’s(His new name for himself)¬†keys. This was before lunch. I was sure they would just “show up.” But no.

I finally found them at about 10 pm, after more searching. They were by the diaper bag, and my Bible, and a random paper plate craft, and a kid chair that isn’t supposed to live there.

I’m so glad I found them, and hopefully I will be re-inspired to use the key hook all the time!

Here we go!

This is my daughter, but I'm pretending it's me, running to clean my house!

Well Hello There! I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for a long time, and tonight I decided to just do it. Yep. In the middle of the night seemed like a good time.

The word that keeps floating around in my head is “Simplify.” That is the goal around here. The word that enters my head if I look around my house right now is “Chaotic. ”¬† Too much stuff, unorganized, overwhelmed. Can I move from chaotic and¬†messy¬†to simplified, prioritized, and peaceful? We’ll see! This is the start to my journey.

I think having some of you along for the ride will help me!   And maybe we can have some fun along the way!